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If you are interested in flying RC planes, then you should be ready to learn more about them. First of all, you should know that there are many types of RC airplanes. You can see right here some of these planes. In this post, you will learn about these types of planes.

RC airplanes


tg2qwedfc7hwed822Gliders or sailplanes are considered to be easier to maneuver as compared to other RC planes. This is because they have excellent aerodynamic design and need less energy to be sustained by the wind. They are likely to stay for an extended period on air. Also, they have a wingspan of at least 5 feet.

Trainer planes

These are designed for the beginners or those not interested in sailor planes. You can easily get a trainer plane on the market. You will find these planes to be quite faster than the sailplanes. However, they are not too fast for the beginners to practice with his or her tricks and maneuvering on the air. Wings can be 2 to 5 feet. Usually, they are powered by gas.

Aerobatic planes

If you have mastered the flying of an RC plane, you can try twists, aerial pirouettes, and turns with the aerobatic plane. You can do them easily with this type of RC plane. You will find them to be stable as they can be used for aerial dancing. However, they are poor in self-recovery. They are sleeker in shape and are quite easy to maneuver.

Pylon planes

rf2w3ed6cghw7dhj82u2If one is bored by usual areal tricks or slowness of the training planes, you can try a pylon racer. This type has an aerial drag which allows you to race with your friends. You can easily customize these types of planes by expert hobbyists that make the process super fast. Some of the well-maintained pylon planes are very fast and can even move at 200 mph.

Scale models

Not each RC plane hobbyist likes flying. However, for some, you can get enjoyment in the design of the plane rather than fly it. Fortunately, there are scale models and plane kits. If you love creating planes, then there are kits for you. The majority of plane models that are used in this case would be civilian carriers and military planes.

The above are some options you have if you are interested in remote control planes. Moreover, there are several things to do with an RC plane. Other than being a hobby, you can give it as a gift to your child.