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Bearberry is a medicinal herb which is known for its impressive health benefits. It is has a powerful ability to detoxify the bladder, eliminating headaches, aiding in pregnancy, reducing inflammation, protecting the gut, speeding healing and protecting the immune system. Its health benefits are attributed to its unique chemical constituents including flavonoids, gallic acid, tannic, and ursolic. Bearberry is one of the powerful herbal remedies which are used [by many people. This herb can be ground to produce a powder, smoked or even steeped to make a special tea. The following are the fascinating health benefits associated with bearberry

Protecting the immune system

Bearberry is used as a powerful antibacterial agent due to the presence of a chemical compound called hydroquines. This has made it one of the effective substances in eliminating the harmful and foreign agents from the body thereby protecting your body against bacteria.

Detoxifying the body

Bearberries are widely used as natural diuretics. This has made them useful in promoting the release of toxic substances from the body thereby cleansing the kidneys and bladder. This herb is helpful in eliminating the excess water, salts, fats, and toxin from the body thereby facilitating the proper functioning of the body systems.

Pregnancy aid

Bearberry contains active compounds which are helpful in preventing miscarriage this ensuring that mothers are safe during pregnancy. Consumption of blueberries is also beneficial in eliminating the discomfort and pain associated pregnancy as well as facilitating healthy recovery after birth.


Bearberry has been in use for the last hundred years in relieving headaches. This benefit is achieved by smoking the dried leaves of this herb. It has the same effect as the cannabis plants. This has made this one of the most controversial health benefits. In fact, it is widely looked upon by many people but is very effective in relieving headaches.

Speeds healing

This shrub is used in making a salve which is applied directly to wounds, burns, bruises and other areas affected by inflammation. The acids obtained from the fruit of this plant are also helpful in speeding the healing process as well as eliminating pain and reducing inflammation.


Protecting the stomach

This herb is used in preventing gastrointestinal illnesses. These are illnesses which are known for destroying the natural balance which is created by the helpful bacteria in the gut. Bearberry is known for inhibiting the activity of the staphylococcus bacteria thereby preventing the common infections which affect the stomach.