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Have you ever thought of turning your veggies into spaghetti? If you wonder which machine can do this magic, well, the Veggetti is responsible for all that. There are some such items on the market, and the major mistake that most buyers make is not carrying out their due diligence before the purchase. In this article, we will help to make the right decision and later realize the value of your investment. We will give you all that you need to know about this product. Keep reading on about theĀ Vegetti Pro Reviews so that you make an informed decision.


Veggetti Description

Most people, of course, have heard about this product but have not gotten a chance to read more about it. Veggetti Pro is designed from Ontel Product Company. It is a common vegetable-slicing device among most cooking enthusiasts. Just like the regular Veggetti, it does the same job of turning your vegetables into pasta-like strands. The main difference from the regular Veggetti version apart from the price is that it comes with suction cups on its stand. It also contains about three stainless steel blades.


It’s Working

You could be wondering how Veggetti Pro works but here is a detailed explanation of the same. Veggetti Pro comes with a manual which explains how to use it without any hassle. You can choose to make a vegetable strand that is either thick or thin. It all depends on your personal preference. Therefore, it allows you to install a stainless blade which is responsible for spiralizing your veggies into your desired thickness. After blade installation, place your vegetable between the crank handle and your desirable blade. Then after that, start turning the device and claim the vegetable strips that may spill out. They can be used to make potato chips, pasta, salad and more. With the manual in your hands, nothing can stop you from making your favorite vegetable meal for your loved ones.


Price Review

You can get your Veggetti Pro device from $30.97. They claim that Veggetti pro device goes for only $19.99 and a $7.99 additional fee for shipping. Also, they charge approximately $2.99 in for the bonus slicer blade. Its warranty goes for about one month. Within this period, they can refund your money if any issue arises according to their term and conditions. However, you will get only the buying price and not the additional $10.98 fees.



Veggetti pro spiralizing device is very easy to use and clean. However, it has its cons. Brushing the blades and spikes in the handguard takes a lot of time. You can clean it using a dishwasher, but most customers fear that its lifespan might be reduced.



The Bottom Line

Almost every product in the market has its strengths and its weaknesses too. And despite the few highlighted cons about the product, I would like to strongly recommend Veggetti pro to anyone who is used to making spaghetti from veggies. Also, if you are curious about spiralizing, then this is the right product for you to try out. If you are cooking for a small number of people, I think you will find this item very helpful. Try it today and thank us later.